Looking for any work in the sands Labor or Admin

Sherri E. Melton
City: Fredericton
Last visit: 2014-01-29
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Posted: 2014-01-29


37 yr old New Brunswick family man. Looking for a great job in the patch and willing to start NOW! I am inspired, intelligent, energetic and accountable I am willing and able to learn new tasks at breakneck speed, a real "Go Getter". I am versatile enough to work on my own as well as part of a team. I pretty much gel with any crew (to date) but I am confident enough to hold my own! I "shut up" and listen well, I am a good communicator and I get the job doneevery time! I am clean, fit, mature, reliable & responsible. Looking to make some great money, be a part of history and start a new career.

I am good with my hands, Jack of all trades. Muti faceted construction and mechanical knowledge. I have a good understanding of schematic drawings, very knowledgeable in FRP fabrication, preparation & Installation. Highly specialized in equipment supply maintenance/sales & procurement (extremely diversified in fluid pumps, fittings, hoses & application I possess CSTS09 cert, Clean class 5 license (at least 10 years) Alcohol & Drug Free, no criminal record. Extensive Forklift & 1 Ton Cube experience as well as a host of other equipment experience. I also have the convenience of knowing what its like and being accustomed to working long hoursvery often 12-16hrs/day in extremely harsh, desolate or formidable environments for several weeks or months at a time. I welcome camp life! I consider it a fringe benefit that not all employers are willing to offer. Things could be muchMUCH worseI've seen worse…. and have the stories to support it :) In addition, I have nearly 10 yrs administration, Resource Planning management, Supervisory and training experience. I am proficient in MS office, Adobe Systems NLE, Workforce, VPN, Intuit and a host of other computer organization & analytical programs. Excellent literacy skills, Multi-tasker, critical thinker, "helluva nice guy!"

 I am a very hard worker, I have a great work ethic, I am organized and very detail oriented. I have exceptional site etiquette, superior customer service and all around fantastic rapport. I strive to be the first man onand last man off the worksite. NO CLOCK WATCHERS OR BABIES HEREYou need a good loyal worker…a long term investmentI am right here. Contact me.