Oil & Gas Workers Needed for AB work

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Posted: 2014-01-08


The Alberta Industry alone needs to fill over 11000 jobs by the year 2015.We are currently training, and securing high paying Oilfield jobs for both Men and Women. 

Here are just some of the entry-level positions that are available Immediately. 

-Entry-Level General Laborers, 

-Construction Workers



-AZ/DZ (class 1/3) Drivers

-Service & Drilling Rig helpers

-Pipeline Laborers

-Heavy Duty Mechanics

-Heavy Equipment Operators

-Safety Watch personnel

-Steam Truck and Vacuum Truck Operator

-N2 (Nitrogen Pumper Drivers and Operators)

-Hydraulic Fracturing (aka Fracking)

& N2 Pump (Nitrogen) Drivers and Operators

-Coil Tubing Drivers and Operators

-AZ/DZ (class 1/3) 

-DriversCementing and Acidizing Drivers

and Operators

-Bulker Truck Drivers (Sand/Cement/N2)

-Fluid Tanker Drivers 

All of the listed positions start at a Minimum of $65,000 to $140,000 Per Year. 

“There are currently over 250 Oil and Gas service companies

desperately trying to fill job openings”. 

The Cost For This All-Inclusive Training Programs Start At Only $4995 for our Standard Course

$6995 for our DZ or Class 3 Program

$8495 for our AZ or Class 1 Program

All of the necessary safety gear such as; 

- Fire-retardant coveralls

- Safety glasses

- Hardhat

- Gloves

Will be provided to you at no additional cost. “Absolutely No experience is necessary” 100% of the Required Training is provided In-House.

The only requirements are: 

- You must be at least 18 years of age

- Have a valid drivers license

- Be able to pass a drug screening test

- Be in reasonable physical shape

- Have the willingness to work hard and have fun.

If You Meet These Requirements, We Guarantee We Will Work With You Until

You Successfully Secure Employment In The Oil And Gas Industry. Our Current Hiring Success Rate Is 100 meaning if you meet the requirements mentioned and you successfully complete our training program You Will Have Secure Job Offers within a Maximum of 17 Days and Earning from $65,000 to $140,000 Per Year Starting Wages.

If you are ready to get started in this exciting line of work, we are currently 

filling openings in our Comprehensive Pre-Employment Training Programs. Our Program Includes:

- Flight to Alberta

- Transportation to Red Deer

- Up to 17 Nights’ Accommodations

- Daily Meals provided

- H2S Alive Safety Training

- CSTS Training

- First Aid & CPR Training

- Confined Space and Fall Arrest Training (upon employer request)

- Oilfield 101 Seminar

- Professional Resume Service

- Employer Presentation and Interviews 

Most importantly we will facilitate Job Interviews with some of the top companies in the Oil & Gas industry who are hiring right now.That’s right, Actual employers will be on hand attending the course to literally hire you on the spot.Majority of our clients are hired within 7-10 days. 

This comprehensive Pre-Employment Program is an industry first and is accredited by the Chamber of Commerce as well the Better Business Bureau. 

The Cost For This All-Inclusive Training Programs Start At Only 

$4995 for our Standard Course

$6995 for our DZ or Class 3 Program

$8495 for our AZ or Class 1 Program

Please Note: Even thou the training fee might seem a little high at first; you need to understand that you are Guaranteed to make that money back within the first 2-6 weeks of work. 

This course quite literally, Pays For-Itself and you will go on to make anywhere from $65,000- $140,000 this year. Just picture what your life will be like, when in a matter of weeks you will be making $5000.00, $8000.00, or $10000.00 and more per month! Think what that can mean for you, for you family and loved ones.

 We have helped make that a reality for over 2000 of people just like you. You need to act now thou, there is limited availability as courses fill very quickly. The average time for a course to fill is only 6 days, and there will soon be a lengthy waiting list to join.

Do Not miss your chance at this life changing opportunity to start a new career and earn an incredibly lucrative 6-Figure living, travel, meet great new people and have fun. 

If you are ready to get started all you need to do is CALL1.647.361.8155 and speak with one of our Employment Specialists who will answer any questions you may still have and get you started right away.